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  • Patent your invention or lose your intellectual property rights! Inventions must be protected by US patents or a competitor can move ahead with your new idea. For an inventor with little or no experience with patents it is best to find an experienced patent attorney or patent agent to handle your paperwork. You have done the hard work of inventing don't let your intellectual property go to waste choosing from a group of patent attorneys with no background in the invention field.  Inventors are encouraged to do their due diligence by confirming registration at the US Patent Office site USPTO.gov.

Patent CEO City Specific:


Florida Patent Service

Patent CEO is committed to obtaining patents for our clientele so that they can shield their precious inventions and ideas from competitors.  We will guide you through the complex US patent system until you are given all the patent coverage your ideas merit under the law.  invention_ideaOnce obtained a patent can be a great defensive measure that prevents others from infringing your rights over broad swaths of technology.

In our modern era, intellectual property (IP) is the driving force behind economic growth.  Novel IP routinely creates fortunes overnight and brings improvement in the lives of millions and even billions of people.  Some can even cause dramatic shifts in global power that can be directly traced to the changing technological landscape.

Rest assured that you are in good hands with Patent CEO; we were recently received an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.  You can look up our rating at the BBB.org website.  Additionally, here are some of our reviews from our clients including a discussion of their technology: Patent CEO Review or PatentCEO Review.

Sampling of Clients :

* Top of the Boot ~ Clothing & Jewelry Designer
* Eco Plant Aid ~ Bradenton Producer of Natural Treatment for Citrus Industry
* Vibrant Innovations ~ Electronic Imaging
* Avana Corporation ~ Lighting Distributors
* HM Solutions ~ Health Management Consultants
* Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators ~ Innovative Company in Medley Fl
* Bimini T-Top ~ Distributors of Boating Products
* Experienced CIO ~ Software Development Project Management & Process Implementation
* Santucci Priore, PL ~ Fort Lauderdale Law Firm
* Andrade Construction
* JMC Holdings ~ Patent Holding Company
* A1 Interiors
* Shin Law ~ California Law Firm
* Langoltz Patent Works
* Venice Interiors
* and many more...

Whether your ideas are to be promoted globally or locally in the US, Patent CEO specializes in helping people like you to turn your dreams into reality.

What we can do for you:

There are many other companies or firms that offer marketing and invention licensing services; however whilst we can offer these services through our internal network, we prefer to concentrate our services in one area of the IP field that is the most important: GETTING PATENT PROTECTION.

Without that where would you be?  Think of it this way: If you go the dermatologist would you want to also get your heart worked on?  Or: is it better to surpass others in quality by focusing our attention on one goal alone or spreading ourselves thin by performing many?

Personal Service:

As a client of Patent CEO you can always have direct contact with the managing director Phillip Vales (pvales@patentceo.com).  Mr. Vales believes in providing fast and efficient IP protection.  His personal goal is that all work be of the highest quality possible so that your IP investment dollar is well spent.  Contact him at the above email address for more help.

Typical Starting Point:
Signing a non-disclosure agreement with us guarantees the privacy of your inventive concept.  Once signed you can talk freely to us about your invention and we can talk about the pros and cons of getting a provisional application (only available for a utility application - does not apply to design patent application) over a regular patent application.  When fully disclosed, we can provide you with a FIXED PRICE QUOTE and if accepted we will being working on your case and arranging for drawings to be produced.  Then, if you have approved the final application we can file at the USPTO.

At this point, the waiting game begins and applicants have to wait anywhere from one year to four years depending upon the backlog at the USPTO.  Upon examination, a debate begins as to the merit of your case and you may or may not be granted a patent.  Once you have been granted a patent through a debate with a patent examiner, your newly minted patent prevents others from reproducing your patented idea for a fixed time period.  You should realize that just like any other type of property, ownership rights in a patent can be transferred to other parties.

Utility Patents

are articles of manufacture, compositions of matter, machines or processes can obtain a patent on that invention. Some examples of the foregoing are a shoe (article of manufacture), a drug (composition of matter), an airplane engine (machine) and a computer program running a robot (process). The computer instructions controlling the motion of the robot is a method in this last example.

Design patents

cover the ornamental appearance of an item.  They differ from utility patents in that the way an item looks is being patented.  This is futher emphasized in that the claim in a design patent is made up essentially of drawings.  Utility patents on the other hand are directed to function and structure.  
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